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About Susie Hulet Community Solar

Susie Hulet, a long time advocate and benefactor of nature and sustainability, is the energy behind our Community Solar project. Several forces converged to make it so. 

Susie was a strong community force for creating a Sustainability Center at Weber State University, which was about to be launched when she learned her life would be cut short. Susie wanted to do what she could to encourage the new Center toward action in our community. The University of Utah had just successfully completed the first-ever Community Solar Program sponsored by a university. First the Hulets tested the program on their own home, and then they said "why not through Weber?" Susie, her family and friends committed money, talent and time to join forces with the Sustainability Center at Weber State to bring the Susie Hulet Community Solar program to our communities. 

Susie Hulet Community Solar offers:

  • A substantial discount on solar, made possible through steering committee facilitation of a supplier discount.
  • Simplified and streamlined solar installation process: We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. You’ll have access to a simplified solar process, and a local clean energy advocacy group is on hand to provide you with expert information about solar.
  • The pre-screened and selected installer for participation in the discount program and locked in discounted pricing for residents of Davis, Morgan and Weber Counties.