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Discount Solar Pricing

The Susie Hulet Community Solar RFP Committee, consisting of community volunteers, developed criteria, accepted bids, and selected a installer based on price, quality, and service.

How Does the Susie Hulet Community Solar Discount Work?

Susie Hulet Community Solar is bringing you big savings on quality solar installations! It's that simple. The Program pricing schedule gives all homeowners in Davis, Morgan and Weber counties access to a discounted price for solar installations. Your final price for solar will depend on the size system you choose to install, any unique customizations that might be necessary for your home, and your eligibility for tax credits. Susie Hulet Community Solar has an interest in fostering the growth of more local renewable sources of energy, and has negotiated a discounted rate for your solar installations.

Sample PV Systems with Susie Hulet Community Solar

Your final price will depend on the equipment option you select, your energy needs, and any additional features that may be necessary in some cases to customize a system for your home. The estimated prices below are based on the Program's standard price of $3.24 per watt for the installation of your panels and inverters, however the Program's pricing options range from $2.87 - $3.24 per watt. The prices below also include monitoring equipment, which will show you real-time information about the electricity your panels are generating.  This estimate does not include permitting fees (which vary from $200 in Ogden to $400 in Bountiful), or additional cost factors (which may be necessary for some homes). 

Price Chart no disclaimer

*Your final price for solar will depend on the size of the system you choose to install, any unique customizations that may be necessary for your home, and your eligibility for tax incentives.  Permitting fees are not included in this price.

Customized Solar Bids

You will have the opportunity to discuss options to customize your solar installation to meet your needs and energy goals with your installer. Your customized solar bid and final discount will depend on the size of your solar PV system, selected components, and your ability to take advantage of available incentives. The following panel and inverter combinations are available through Susie Hulet Community Solar. Click on a module or inverter to view more information about that product. The prices listed below are for the panels, inverters, and the installation costs.  Whichever panel you choose, rest assured that it comes with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and local warranty and product support.




(per watt)*
Standard: American-made black panels and micro-inverters for each panel


 Solarworld 280 Solarworld 280 watt Enphase M250


Enphase Enlighten

Same as the “standard” but dark blue panels with silver frames

Solarworld 285 SolarWorld 285 watt Enphase M250


Enphase Enlighten

Singapore-made REC panels with an American-made string inverter

 REC 315 REC Pro XL 310 watt SMA TL


SMA Webbox

*These prices are for a standard rooftop solar PV system.  Some homes may require additional customization that is subject to additional installation costs.  These prices do not include permitting fees.


Additional Cost Factors

Many homes are suitable for solar installations, but some homes may require additional installation components (at an additional cost). Your home might require some additional installation components if:

  • You have an unusually steep roof (greater than 8/12 pitch) or a flat roof
  • You have a shake shingle or tile roof
  • You have a very small roof and your installation must be divided into multiple PV arrays
  • You are interested in installing a ground-mount or pole-mount solar PV system
  • Your electrical meter is far away from your solar installation and will require extra wire runs
  • Your home requires a structural assement to be sure the roof can support solar panels (this is very rare)

Why now?

Right now is a great time to go solar in Utah. In addition to the savings offered through Susie Hulet Community Solar, the state and federal tax credits can reduce your final out-of-pocket costs. With the federal tax credit set to expire in 2016, now is the time to take advantage of the lowest price for solar Utah has ever seen.