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Security From the Sun

Tap into the sun to secure sizable energy savings and other benefits for you, your family, and your community for decades to come.

Solar is a sound investment. Solar is inexhaustible, low-maintenance, clean, reliable, and price-stable. Solar means greater self-reliance and less vulnerability to rate increases, energy regulations, and fuel volatility. Much like a bond in an investment portfolio, solar helps diversify our energy portfolio and provides long-term security and reliability. Solar provides additional benefits to the electricity grid; distributed solar can help defer or delay costly energy investments, while making the grid more secure and flexible.

Your solar PV system will help stabilize your electricity bills over the 25+ year lifetime of the system, providing a hedge against rising and uncertain energy costs. After the up-front investment, you can sit back, let the sun shine, and secure sizable energy savings for decades to come!

Solar also means cleaner air to breathe and a more sustainable energy future for our children and grandchildren. Few other investments can offer those benefits!

Solar Increases Home Value

Solar is a valuable home improvement that can increase the value of your home enough to offset the cost of your solar investment.1 A free national tool for appraisal and real estate professionals can help to determine the value your solar PV system can add to your home.2



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[2] Sandia National Laboratories PV Value™ is available on-line, along with an informational webinar: