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Susie Hulet Community Solar is brought to you by Weber State University and a volunteer Steering Commitee of community members in Weber, Davis, and Morgan counties, many of whom have gone solar themselves.

What do they have to say about going solar?



"My late wife Susie and I investigated going solar a few years ago but the task was too daunting. I received a solicitation from the University of Utah about the U Community Solar program and contacted them. I was told that residents of Weber County were not eligible for the program so I contacted the installer directly. The installer matched the price of the University of Utah program and without any hassles installed solar on my roof. I have cut my monthly power bill to almost nothing, I'm getting a tax credit on my income taxes, and I'm making myself more carbon neutral. Susie asked, "Why can't Weber State do the same program that the University of Utah did?" We're now taking care of that."

- Elliot and Susie Hulet of South Ogden went solar in 2014

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“Mary and I had talked about adopting solar for some time.  We had read in recent years that the rooftop solar technology had finally “arrived”, with good reliability and dramatically lower prices, but the complexity kept it on our back burner.  Even though I’m an electrical engineer, it seemed like a big project –  lots of issues to research and analyze.

When the University of Utah sent their flyer in the spring of 2014, we jumped.  They had done the homework for us.  The program made it easy.  Through an extensive competitive process, they had pre-select experienced contractors to install turn-key systems with pre-negotiated discounted pricing.  Our installer dealt with the pre-installation approvals and permits and provided us with the information necessary to get the 30% federal and $2,000 state income tax credits.  Part of our proposal was a financial analysis that showed pretty clearly rooftop solar has become a low-risk, high-return investment.

We installed solar on our roof in June 2014.  Our power bill in July was $9.09.  For the first time ever, we didn’t mind hearing our air conditioner whizzing in mid-July, knowing that 100% of the power driving it was coming directly from the sun beating down on very our roof!”

- Don and Mary Garner, Salt Lake City, Utah


 "I really wish that I had the opportunity to participate in a community solar program when I installed solar on my home two years ago. Figuring out where to start and who to talk to was a bit daunting. But all of the work to get our solar panels installed was totally worth it. Now that we are producing enough energy to cover all of our energy consumption, I actually enjoy receiving my monthly statement from Rocky Mountain Power!"

-  Jenn Bodine and Chad Downs of Ogden went solar in 2013

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"We chose to fo solar to reduce our carbon footprint and get a good return on our investment.

We got in the cue early just so our solar installation could validate our claims that Susie Hulet Community Solar makes it easy and affordable to go solar for electricity. We completed the solar survey at the end of May, had a site visit survey and contract signed by mid June, and were enjoying solar-generated electricity by mid July.

The preliminary estimate from Gardner Energy, through to the final invoice stayed the same... no surprises. Installation was professional grade and I like the materials and fixtures used to rack the panels. All we did was write checks... and I wrote a blog describing our experience, from taking the solar survey to watching system production and how the net meter works.

Our 24 solar panels will cut our carbon footprint in half, will pay for themselves in less than ten years, and will give me a long term financial return of more than 10% per year." 

-Kim Wheatley, Huntsville, Utah