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Congratulations, Solar Homeowners!

Nearly 150 new solar homes thanks to Susie Hulet Community Solar! 

Thank you, to everyone who participated in Susie Hulet Community Solar!

Over 720 kilowatts of new solar energy has been installed through the program! We couldn't be happier with the outcome!

It's a great time to go solar!

If you couldn't participate in the program but are still interested in solar you can check out Solar Simplified was created by Utah Clean Energy as a resource for Utahns who want to learn more about going solar. Archived information about the panels and inverters available through Susie Hulet Community Solar is still available, so you can review your options or request and compare bids. You can also sign up to receive Utah Clean Energy's newsletter for updates about future Community Solar projects in Utah. 

Blue Sky Subscriber Solar Program

If your roof is not well suited for solar there are other options to for utilizing solar energy. Rocky Mountian Power (RMP) has recently announced their Blue Sky Subscriber Solar program that will be available in 2016. Through the Subscriber Solar program you can sign a contract with RMP to purchase all or part of your electricity from their 20 megawatt solar farm that is being built in Southern Utah. When you do this you lock in the rate that you pay for electricity, and you get the peace of mind of knowing that your home is powered by renewable energy. Because of the locked in rate some homes with high energy use would see savings on their monthly energy bills. You can learn more about the Subscriber Solar program here:  

For general inquiries about Susie Hulet Community Solar: